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Guitar Lessons Day By Day

Please enjoy your first purchased guitar without expecting anyone to answer the question of how long you will have to practice. Your question reminds me of the Chinese story about a foal who needed to know how deep the stream was and went to ask Aunt Squirrel whose drowned kin were a proof of the stream’s depth, and Uncle Bull, who was crossing this shallow stream a lot with water barely going higher than his knees. As the foal wants to approximate an answer, he finds a stick and measures himself by it, first. Then he measures the two witnesses with the same stick and this way gets one step closer to his answer.

I knew someone who could decipher musical notes with uncanny ease, who could play a dozen instruments without being schooled to do so and who never wanted to become a musician. He possessed total hearing and was an achieved and well-respected village teacher with a rare inner inclination towards music.

Another situation that I know of is an experiment performed by a singing teacher upon a grown-up who had no musical hearing. Thrice a week for several months, this person would perform several basic level drills, which in the beginning he did by producing mostly random sounds. Nevertheless, the gap between his capacity to produce and to assess sounds has undoubtedly diminished in two months‘ time.

In between these extreme cases, just like most of the great performers, with your favorites included here, I’m sure you really like music, so let go of counting the years of your practice. It is enough for you to enjoy practicing music in a very large formula, by going to every concert of your favorite band besides your daily practice and bringing your friends along, or by knowing all there is to know about your idols. If every moment you spend with a guitar in your hands is a bliss, then you will soon grow out of criteria like „I want to play this or that song“, in favor of larger and more technical purposes.

And when you feel like there is a life for you besides the daily practice of your instrument, go live it. This doesn’t mean that I am advising you to take it easy; rather the opposite is true. But if practice means to you something to be done without faith and enthusiasm, it is useless. Your routine practice will prove to be a bit too frank in the end, for it is not the reversed measure of your talent, but the best way to measure your love for the instrument you want to play, similar to the stick found in my story. You will know your personal answer because these things cannot be faked.

Several other forms of practice will come to complete your daily routine, besides individual practice. Without a teacher, you can learn from your peers who are more advanced than you are. As soon as you have the chance, play in one or more bands and you will learn a lot this way. Whenever you can, accept public performances. Your hearing and your understanding will change immensely along this way. So will your music pals and the instruments that you are playing. And maybe the only witness to your evolution will be the good old shop where your quality PRS guitar, amplifiers and guitar effects pedals all come from.

With qualified personnel to assist you with your option for the perfect guitar from a diversity of exquisite guitars, Sounds Great Music has provided the incredible PRS Guitars instruments with dedication for a long time now.

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