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Guidelines on How to Start an Acting Career

Don’t believe for a moment that it’s easy to make it in show business. For every working actor you see on the big screen, there are countless others either unemployed or scratching out a meager existence. Resumes, headshots and agents are all well and good, but there’s so much more to making a success of being an actor. But here you can learn how to start an acting career. Research talent agencies, looking for a business that will help you but not take your money.

Get to the library to study acting technique books that will give you an insight into the numerous methods that can help you maintain riveting performances over the duration of your career. Also look at the way in which acting classes function, thus making it easier to choose the right school for you.

Working as a freelancer, having some knowledge of business basics can come in helpful, too, because you’ll need to know how to impress casting directors, producers, directors and agents. Put together a portfolio that includes headshots (dramatic and commercial), a cover letter, a resume, and arrange no less than two monologues one dramatic, the other comical. This compilation is critical to your image, so ensure you’re meticulous in what you do to depict an image you consider suitable to your skills.

Income can be minimal when you start out, so you need to be financially sound before embarking on an acting career. If you don’t have a large bank balance but want to pursue acting full-time, you’ll need a sponsor to support you so you can focus on moving your career forward without being worried over rent. If you choose to be part-time, find an indulgent boss that will be OK with you taking time off.

Experience is crucial in acting. So take minor roles in big production movies, more prominent parts in independent productions and even background jobs on TV. Low-budget and community theatre are also great learning grounds. Ultimately, take anything that will help your confidence and, if lucky, earn a little cash.

Now is the time to employ an agent. Contact them via meet-and-greets, forums where casting directors as well as agents accept auditions and individual interviews, showcases, school seminars which organize auditions, or invite agents along to a show you’re in or to view a TV program or movie in which you were cast. A reputable, licensed talent agency will help you too; do your homework and don’t fall for scams that charge a registration fee.

An actor never stops learning and developing, honing their ability to cold read or working on monologues. But it’s imperative to understand how to promote yourself as a commodity worth paying for if you aim to get past the first steps of how to start an acting career.

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