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Google Voice is not available in the Apple Store

The official Google, AT&T and Apple responds to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are eventually made public. Google Voice’s removal from the Apple Store got the government officials suspicious in the case.

The telecommunications service Google Voice lets one use a single number forwarding all the user’s phones, free SMS and international and long-distant calls with cheap rates. VoIP allows Google Voice’s users to pay not for calling services but for cheaper data exchange.

At the end of July 2009 Apple removed all the Google Voice’s links and references from the Apple Store and from the on-line catalogue of iPhone applications.

As Gawker says, journalists and officials have instantly got an idea that this decision might have been caused by AT&T. Having signed a two-year contract with AT&T, clients get a free iPhone from the company. Reduction in users‘ spending might reduce the income of the provider.

AT&T , however, refused to admit the fact that it has something to do with the choice of applications for the Apple Store and with Google Voice’s ban as well. While at the same time the company recognized that it had had consultations with Apple concerning some application’s influence on the communications capacity of AT&T’s net services.

According to a special agreement, Apple is forbidden to make any VoIP-based applications for 2G and 3G nets provided by AT&T without permission of the latter. Earlier AT&T and Apple successfully reduced Skype’s options in iPhones. So, at the moment Skype is available over Wi-Fi exclusively. The same thing was required from mobile television services.

Google has similarly restricted Skype’s usage in relation to VoIP in Google Android applications.

Apple admitted that it was its own decision to take away Google Voice from Apple Store and noted that this application would not be missing for long.

The company claims that it will keep studying this application that substitutes some basic options of the iPhone including calls, SMS and voice mail services. Also, Apple is worried about the fact that personal data are held on Google’s servers. The corporation wants to assure itself that this information will be used safely.

AT&T and Apple note that Google Voice is available for iPhone users via Safari web browser without installation.

Google has sent two statements to the FCC with public and confidential information subsequently. The company preferred to hide the details of the discussions held between Apple, AT&T and Google on Google Voice’s usage in iPhones.

Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt has recently been forced to leave Apple’s Board of Directors due to the conflict. Both corporations have already started their competition in the web browsers business, while smartphones working on Google Android might become iPhone’s competitors.

Furthermore, Chrome operation system which Google’s working on might be as successful as Mac OS X.

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