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Free Hip Hop Beats – Where to Get Them

Free hip hop beats are all over on the Net, though the quality for certain leaves something to be wanted. I surely wouldn’t advise challenging to take a great commercial record album practicing free beats, but for the starting rapper it’s an ideal way to start for little cost. Over time, and as you skills develop, you can reinvest some money towards getting original instrumentals for your record album. Nonetheless, there are a a few sites where you may score free hip hop beats that get a degree of quality.

The first place to check out is Jamendo. This is a website that allows you to search for music by genre, country and most importantly, the license for the work. There are two main distinctions when it comes to using other people’s tracks. For example, they could allow people to use their songs, but not commerically, while others allow commercial use so long as you don’t modify the music.

For our purposes I recommend you look for for tracks that can be changed and practiced commercially. The simplest direction to do this is to use the Creative Commons search engine (which comes included with Firefox browser). Navigate to Jamendo practicing the CC search engine and make sure to click the boxes that say „“use for commercial purposes“ and „modify,adapt, or form upon.“ You can research for free hip hop beats, or narrow it down by genre. For example, if you are searching for a rock sound to add to an existing track, you can search the rock section. All in all, Jamendo is truly a one stop shop for hip hop instrumentals and loops.

Another stable site is through large hip hop forums. Most of them make a section where you might contact manufacturers instantly and ask for some beats. This is usually more time consuming than using the explore engine, but if you are a regular assembly poster with some believability, these producers are more probably to offer some rap beats for you to make with.

There are a wide variety of free hip hop beats available, and using Jamendo and online forums you can get a hold of enough to keep you spitting lyrics for years to come.

Remember, that when you get something for free, you don’t have a partner to work with. You’re not paying for their service, which usually means that any changes, no matter how small, will have to come from your end.

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