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Expand Your Horizons When You Teach Abroad In Korea

There are major changes going on today in the world’s financial and economic structures. These changes have been ongoing for a while now, even though the governments and many of the people of many countries have mostly ignored them. They have lacked the will politically to meet challenges to their economies head on and make the necessary changes to solve them and restore their prosperity. Many such countries have English speaking citizens, who now have unique opportunities to improve their personal lives and financial situations by deciding to teach abroad in Korea, which has the most and best paid such opportunities.

Many of these countries nationals currently have diminished economic opportunities in their home countries, or have no prospects at all. As native English speakers they can find many opportunities abroad. Asia and South America are in boom cycles. They are largely debt free and prospering. They also see the advantages of learning to converse in English, the international business and commercial language.

You need not waste your valuable time waiting for past conditions to return, they will not. The reforms needed to restore favorable economic conditions are most likely still many years away. Individuals have very little control over the vagaries of governments. They need not be at the mercies of their policies, however. This is an opportune time for workers who are dissatisfied with their present station in life, or unemployed, and for recently graduated students to look into teaching abroad for at least a year.

Teaching is a pursuit that can be very rewarding, in many ways more so for the teacher than even for the students. Here ambitious, eager, and respectful students can be found.

These positions are an excellent opportunity to gain experience and skills that will be invaluable in the new international economy. Experience living and working abroad and becoming fluent in another language will look good to prospective employers on your resume, and may open doors of opportunity that would otherwise be closed to you. This is your chance to set yourself apart from other job seekers.

Typical requirements for obtaining one of these positions are citizenship in an English speaking country, a passport, and possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in any field. No teaching certification or prior experience is necessary.

Criminal records will disqualify applicants. Some jobs will be open only to applicants in the twenty to fifty-five year old range. Contracts typically are for a term of ten to twelve months. A bonus equal to one month’s pay is commonly paid at completion of a one year contract.

Applications are accepted on line. Hiring decisions are usually made within two weeks, and are based on reviews of the resume, diploma verification, and telephone interviews. Applicants who are personable, friendly, motivational, and likely to command respect in the classroom will have an inside track in the hiring process.

As a teacher you will be working independently, so you will need to be self motivated. Instructional materials will be provided, however. If you like children, you can choose a job assignment where you will teach young students of any age, from kindergarten up. Others can specify whether they prefer high school, college or adult students when they teach abroad in Korea.

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