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Employing 3D Visualisation Technology to Produce More Eye Catching Design

Back in the day when there wasn’t as many 3D Designers and technology wasn’t advanced and simpler to use, someone who could produce a 3D Visualisation image was seen as a genies. But now as time has moved on it is harder for a designer to stand out amongst the crowd. For a designer it is more common to focus on furthering their developing graphical editing skill, software layout and web design skills which is a great strategy, but the one thing they are missing out on is 3D Visualisation software.

There are various different uses for 3D visualisation software, it can be used to make an image look more eye catching and engaging. For example, creating an image for advertising. With using the 3D Visualisation software a designer can create a realistic image which doesn’t exist in real life, the realistic objects are detailed to extreme, this includes buildings, vechicles, people, trees etc. They can create the image of a city that doesn’t yet exist.

3D Visualisation software can be used to enhance the attraction of graphs, tables etc. The days of standard looking graphs are a thing of the past. 3D Designers can take a monotonous graph and turn it into a bright and dramatic graph. Population masses can be indicated using amazing 3D images of city structures.

Personally, one of the most exciting areas in which a designer can employ the use of 3D visualisation software is typography. Typography seems to be received with less enthusiasm than most design disciplines, particularly by those just starting out in design, and it really should not be this way. I remember hearing somewhere that letters are just abstract marks on a page, it’s only when we put them into a specific order do they create words. This changed my view completely. Letters should be looked at as graphical elements in their own right, and when we treat them in this way, it opens up a whole new world of exciting possibilities.

Using 3D Visualisation software can take typography to whole other level. 3 Dimensional effects can be added to letters to create extensive life like features. Characters can be stacked on top or side by each other, size expanded, textures added, colour and lighting etc. Channel 4’s adverts are a great example of the use of 3d Visualisation on typography.

Really, I could write on for weeks on the subject, and mention everything from motion graphics, web design and product design through Interior and user interface design to everything in-between, but the purpose of this is simply to plant a seed of thought. As a designer don’t dismiss 3D visualisation software as a powerful tool to add high-octane fuel to your creative engine, and it might just be the thing you need to help pull you out of a that rut we can fall into from time to time.

Put it this way, the more weapons you have in your creative arsenal, the easier it will be to win the war on bland and mundane design.

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