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Dreaming of earn a living from diving

Scuba Diving is the abbreviation of „Self restricted below the surface breathing equipment“. Scuba diving is performed for underwater diving purposes. Scuba diving’s main objectives are to investigate and survey the underwater environment for recreation, business or other purposes. The scuba diving apparatus is being employed to inhale underwater, with the help of compressed air.

Scuba diving comes under the following categories:

Hobby and Journeying:

Scuba diving is performed for leisure and study purposes as well. The oddity and amusement are the main objectives for these types of divers. They wish to enjoy and envision the underwater splendor and its atmosphere. The divers perform it for the activity and detection purpose, all on their own.

Marketable and Monetary Purposes:

Professionals are employed to accomplish viable responsibilities like manufacturing and designing purposes. These divers are highly trained and experienced; they go underwater for analysis and inspection for a project, or task and gather the desired data.

Additional Purposes:

The other aims of scuba diving involve the armed forces and submarine purposes. Photography, scientific research and exploration are also other key purposes of scuba diving.

Scuba diving Methods:

Scuba diving demands high efficiency in implementation and guidance. For that purpose, the divers are educated about different pros and cons of scuba diving. The beginners are taught to perform scuba diving skills in lakes, rivers and small water gatherings. Scuba diving equipment includes: fins, masks for security, nitrogen tanks, gauges, cameras and compass etc. The fins are for advancement underwater, mask helps the diver to shield their face from any underwater risk. The gas tank provides breathing conveniences to the scuba diver. The watch and compass are there to keep good look at the location and timings.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The scuba diving profession offers huge opportunities and economic benefits to the diver. To be a proficient scuba diver, the diver needs to be aware of the risks and willing to accept all the challenges. Scuba diving provides great fiscal and monetary advantages. This drives the divers obtain endorsement and establish a daring profession as a scuba diver. This art offers great esteem and satisfaction to the scuba diver.

Scuba diving accompanies fatal disadvantages as well. The most important risk is the danger of life. The divers have to visit numerous mysterious places and locations, which are untouched and unsighted like the dangerous caves and mountains underwater.

The most common injury that divers experience is due to the high density of compressed gas. As the diver descends underwater, density of the compressed gas increases gradually. It causes numerous small air bubbles inside the body of the diver. When the diver pushes hard to ascend again, these bubbles could enter the joints. As a result, diver experiences severe pain which affects their movements and cause severe health issues. This injury could be avoided by making slow ascending movements.

Air embolism also affects the divers. As a result of this type of injury, a big bubble is formed inside the body of the diver. To avoid this, divers must ascend gradually and slickly.

Finally, scuba diving is an appealing and diverse experience, where divers do it for various reasons. It is a good and entertaining activity, if it is performed rightly, considering all the procedures and risks.

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