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Dreamhost SSL Setup

Most people and companies see using the Internet as an indispensible means of communication. Whether posting services, commodities, or just sharing blogs about hobbies and helpful resources with others, the web is used to make this information instantly available to anyone worldwide who has web access. Most believe that making information available to the global community is worth the risks associated with sharing data, but they also need to make sure their sites are as secure as possible. Some viewers are not looking to buy or share, but have malicious intent to steal information and dispense viruses. Extensive knowledge and skills are needed to create a secure website. For this reason services like DreamHost SSL are often enlisted to provide not only the hardware needed to host a website, but also encryption to protect data transfers.

Web hosting services include hardware space for the website along with a technology called Secure Socket Layer or SSL that makes the data useless to everyone else who might grab it try to read it without the deciphering code. For non-critical projects such as a spot to RSVP for a dinner party or a small business with a limited budget, shared web hosting provides space at a low cost. In this case information moving to and from the websites uses a communal connection.

Those with larger budgets and more transactions have the option of using part of a hard drive that is blocked off from other sites or one computer completely dedicated their sites only. These options give them an exclusive connection unhindered by other exchanges that can impede process speeds.

Whether an organization chooses a high end or low end solution, protecting shared data is essential. The greatest concern involves online commerce in which buyers need to complete purchases by inputting credit or debit card information. Sensitive information can be captured during transit by unscrupulous parties who may go on a spending spree using stolen credit or bank account funds.

Rather than setting up the needed security using SSL themselves, many turn to the security services provided by the hosting companies. SSL encryption scrambles the information so it is unreadable to anyone else. The data is then unscrambled at its destination with a secret decoder.

In addition with encryption services, web hosting companies can also help with SSL certification, a method of informing customers that the site they are using meets specific security requirements. Users will want to know if they are sending their vital financial information through a safe channel. An SSL certificate notifies them that protocols are in place.

Major web browsers such as Internet Explorer screen sites for the certificate before the connection is made. This usually happens automatically, and the end user will only see a notification if security is in doubt. An alert would appear if it does not detect a certificate or it has expired, letting the user choose to go to the website anyway or not connect at all.

Presenting a safe website to the public requires expert knowledge. In most cases it makes more sense to use an outside source like a web hosting company that specializes in web protocol to handle it than using internal resources. DreamHost can provide these services at several levels and price ranges, encrypting with SSL protocol to protect data transfers, and SSL certification showing an acceptable level of security

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