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Customizing Your IPhone Background Wallpapers With Photoshop

There are certain features on your iPhones and iPads that make it your own. These features set up your phone that will make it unique and set it apart from other phones of the same brand. Some of these features include a wallpaper that have a varied shape and color to choose from.

People who want to set themselves apart from the mainstream design of their phones will want to try out having a wallpaper on their phones. This is easily the best way to personalize your phone.

Acquiring them is easy. All you need to do is to connect to the internet and download it. There will be some wallpapers that are built-in inside your phone but most of them can be downloaded through the internet.

When downloading the wallpaper, you will be offered with three different options. One is you can have it on iPad, another is full screen and the last one is widescreen. You can select which one suits your own preference when it comes to size. The usual size of a wallpaper is 1024×1024. Once you receive a message on your phone, you can then save the image.

Once the download is done, go to the home window through the home button of your iPhone to check out the wallpaper and see if it looks as good as you hoped it would. You can then click on the photo option to see the wallpaper for other options as well.

There are situations when people are not satisfied with the image they have downloaded and some want to modify their current wallpaper. This is where Photoshop software comes in. This is a feature offered by the iPhone where you can modify the image to your own favorable style.

The Photoshop software gives you the option to modify your current wallpaper to your desire. You can either change the color of your wallpaper or even add a few tweaks. Let your imagination run wild with the use of the Photoshop software.

If such software is not available on your iPhone, you can download a free trial version of it so you can try. Once you do like the software, you can then download the entire version.

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