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CNA Certification – A Great Career For Women

It is very important that you gain CNA certification if you want to pursue a career as a nursing assistant. The study course that you need to take will last anything between four and 12 weeks, depending on where and how you study. The guidelines set down by the authorities insist that there is at least 75 hours of formal training completed. You will find that the course includes classroom work as well as practical.

Once you have completed your certification course you are required to take the CNA examination. This should usually be done within 90 days of having completed your course work. You will find that the course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of the job as well as preparing you to pass the examination. As with any course, it is up to you to get the best you can from it, and this includes clarifying any points that you are unsure of before you actually sit the exam.

Though there will be differences between the examination requirements, depending where and when you set it, they all follow a similar structure and content. The examination will be in two parts, one written and one clinical. The written test will involve questions about basic concepts and procedures. This is where you must have studied your course notes and textbooks.

The clinical practice section of the exam will show to the examiner how capable you are performing tasks that will be required of you daily. Each of these tasks will be closely scrutinized in order to verify your competence. This part of the examination will show how you interact with the patients in your care, and how you ensure that their privacy and dignity is not compromised at any time.

You might feel that all of these tasks are really commonsense, but they are very important factors towards the patient’s well-being and their ability to recover quickly. It is in this part of the examination that you clearly show that you understand that cleanliness is one of the most important factors in nursing care.

Do not worry if you feel nervous during the clinical part of the exam, this is not surprising. Nevertheless, if you have prepared well for this moment, there is no need to get unduly worried. It is wise to take a look at all the study guides which are available to you, and take some of the practice tests that you will find online so you know the kind of questions and tasks that you will be asked to perform.

You will not be marked down if you show a sign of nerves as the examiners will take this into consideration. However, you must realize that in your duties you could often find yourself in a very stressful situation. Most people can cope with this once they have become extremely confident in the tasks that they have to perform.

The importance placed on gaining CNA certification is shown by the fact that certain employers insist that you take the exam within a specified time-frame. If you do not, they will terminate your employment. The number of times you may take this exam varies from state to state, and there is also a period specified before a retest may be taken.

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