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Can You Really Unlock Your Iphone?

To put it succinctly, jailbreaking an iPhone refers to unlocking the phone with special jailbreak software, and thus freeing it from any restrictions that Apple has put on the device.

Because the iPhone is far from flawless as Apple created it, thousands of iPhone users have flocked to Jailbreak in search of iPhone changes and improvements. iPhone has been held back by limited customizability, text message privacy issues, and a lack of multitasking capabilities. But Jailbreak can solve all of these problems with apps and fixes available in Cydia and Installer.

Cydia and Installer are the only real repositories for 3rd party and unapproved apps. You can get more on random websites, but these two aggregate them and act as unnofficial app stores.

The differences between Cydia and the App Store are the lack of an app approval process, and the lack of access limits on the iPhone software – i.e. you can do things Apple did not design the iPhone software to do.

Why Unlock (Jailbreak) the iPhone?

First of all – Jailbreaking will make all of your iPhone fantasies come true. Have you ever wanted to install „adult“ wallpaper on your home screen? Done. Create a homebrew game with it’s own icon? Done. Use your iPhone as a sci-fi shrink ray? Well, you can’t do that yet, but once someone creates an app for that, you’ll be able to install it!

2)To join the subculture. Sick of Apple’s stranglehold on the iPhone? Those who Jailbreak iPhone belong to a movement of people who demand more from their iPhones. And they’re not gonna let Apple stop them. Beat the system: Jailbreak your iPhone.

Third – Using the phone on carriers other than AT&T. Let’s face it. Apple has given ATT a monopoly with trying to tie all users who buy the iPhone to ATT. When you jailbreak, you’ve then got the option to unlock the phone and use it with whatever carrier you like.

Why NOT Jailbreak iPhone?

First – Apple Corp. is good at what it does. For the most part, when they’ve disabled functions on the iPhone, it’s because those functions are not ready for prime time. For instance, once you jailbreak, you can enable multitasking. Apple disabled this for a good reason – it’s a huge drain on the battery. So if you don’t want to worry about stuff like that, just leave your phone as it is.

Second – Your iPhone could *potentially* become bricked. This happens when the unlock or jailbreak process gets interrupted or messed up somehow, and your iPhone is as useless as a brick until you restore it to factory settings (losing all of your date in the process).

3)Every iPhone update from iTunes disables Jailbreak. Every time Apple comes out with an update for iPhone, they find a way to prevent hackers from cracking the code again. Hackers then scramble to Jailbreak the iPhone again and release the new methods.

Fourth – The minute that you jailbreak your iPhone, the warranty is null and void. So if you accidentally brick it, or even drop it or something – you are on your own and stuck paying for any repairs out of pocket.

Want to jailbreak an iPhone? Be sure you look at the author’s totally awesome free report on the best jailbreak software, and his blog with instructions for manually using jailbreak software.

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