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Can Anyone Learn How to Make Hip Hop Beats

If hip hop is a passion of yours, the best way to really enjoy the sound is to find out how to make hip hop beats. Hip hop as a genre is very flexible so you can be as creative as you want. Frankly, how to make hip hop beats is not at all complex. It’s just another medium to let your talent shine through

Making hip hop beats really comes down to your imagination and a good understanding of what the popular artists are doing today. You can develop your own unique hip hop production style by being aware of what the recording industry is looking for. So many careers have taken off when gifted artists learn how to make hip hop beats. It is said that imagination gives birth to beauty and music, and that should be your goal.

When you are making hip hop beats the first step is definitely creating the drum groove. The fundamental element of any great hip hop song is the drum beat. You can use midi drums to create a drum loop. It is important that your drum beat is around four to eight measures long for it to be a good base for hip hop beats. A drum loop is the first step to understanding how to make hip hop beats.

The next step to finding out how to make hip hop beats is to create a base line. The baseline you choose must support the drum loop in a way. Every new artist finds out how to make hip hop beats using this method.

When the drum loop and baseline are done, you can concentrate on mixing up your sound some more. Next, you need to add elements that will give your hip hop beat some personality. Cello or guitar tracks are great. You can use any great funky sounds that are catchy and work well with the other beats you have already chosen. Did you honestly think that understanding how to make hip hop beats is this simple?

Finally, effects can change the feel of your beat and really make your sound unique. When you’re advanced enough, you can say that you really have learned how to make hip hop beats.

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