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Bit Torrent Software Speeds Up Movie Downloading

Through movie downloads, you can enjoy blockbusters even without renting a DVD or going to a movie house. With just a computer and broadband internet connection, you can get movies from other people online. Imagine the convenience this means provide among movie buffs.

Perhaps you have seen pages on the internet that allow you to download movies. But they ask for a certain price – per download, month or year, depending on the subscription terms. But there is a way of getting movies from the internet, for absolutely free. And it is via torrent, or P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing of files. Through this, you may also enjoy other stuff like books, games, useful applications, music videos, songs and others.

How does this wonder work? Well, first you need for the film you are looking for saved on other people’s computers. And most of them have to be logged on the internet at the same time you are looking for a particular title. Through torrent, you can get small pieces of the film you are looking for from such users, or peers. You download bits, until they are completed in your own computer.

But before doing so, you need to have a torrent program installed on your computer. Fret not as one can be easily obtained on the net, and for free too. This program is important as it will be the one which will download file pieces from online peers all over the planet.

After downloading and installing the program, it is time for you to search for available movies. For this, you should go to a torrent web page. You will not have trouble finding such, as there are many popular ones on the internet. You will see a search bar on the web page. This is where you key in the title of the film which you wish to download. Clicking the search button will give you a list of movies related to the title that you keyed in.

Scroll through the list to find the file you are looking for. Several different files will show up, depending on various features. Such include: the file type, file size, the number of seeders, etc. What you pick will depend on your preferences. But usually, when it comes to movies, the larger the file size, the better quality it is.

While you’re at it, look for something with the most number of seeders. Seeders are online users or peers which got the particular film you wish to download. Naturally, the more seeders a file has, the faster the downloading time is. However, it will also depend on the computer you are using, or the internet hookup’s speed.

Once you have chosen the right file type and the highest number of seeders, it is time to download the title. Double clicking on it will fire up the torrent program you earlier installed. Clicking okay, or any other equivalent button, depending on the program, will immediately download the file.

In a matter of hours, the process is done. Again, the time movie downloads take to finish depend on the sizes and number of seeders. And don’t forget your internet speed. But still compared to renting or going to movie houses, this means is evidently more convenient.

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