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Bamboo Slider IPhone 4 Cases – The Review

When it came time to purchase a case for my iPhone 4, I tried out a number of cases while trying to find a case that could fit all my needs. I was never able to and now I have a case that I use for outdoors trips and a few others that I purchased and tried. There are a number of companies producing iPhone 4 cases and some of the better offerings are the Incase cases.

They make a number of different products, including the popular Incase Slider cases. It’s one of the more popular iPhone 4 cases, due both to its wide availability and its utility.

However, what really sold me on an Incase Slider was the Incase Bamboo Slider. While most iPhone 4 cases come in a variety of different color choices, the Incase Bamboo Slider is the first case I have seen that allows iPhone 4 users to choose a more environmentally friendly case.

40% of the Bamboo Slider is made of bamboo pulp produced from recycle Bamboo-it’s an environmentally sustainable and responsible choice that is a welcome addition to the iPhone 4 world. Moreover, you don’t sacrifice anything to get it.

The case works exactly the same as other Incase Slider cases. It consists of two interlocking plastic pieces that provide a solid layer of protection for your iPhone 4. The case fits snuggly against your iPhone 4 and you will barely notice that it is there. The case retains access to all of the controls and ports on your phone, which is a nice benefit as many cases restrict access to the iPhone 4’s docking port-the Incase Slider does not. The case is also padded with a thin layer of rubber to further help your iPhone 4 survive a fall. Compared with other Incase Slider cases, the Incase Bamboo Slider feels comprable and you likely won’t even notice that it isn’t made out of the usual plastic material.

Overall, I really like the Incase Bamboo Slider. I appreciate the fact that Incase decided to offer a more environmentally sustainable iPhone 4 case.

It feels great to be doing my part to help the earth and the fact that they don’t charge extra for the Bamboo case is refreshing. For $34.95, the Incase Bamboo Slider is competitive with most other iPhone 4 cases, but when you throw in the fact that it is made of partially recycled material-it edges out many similarly priced cases. Most anyone would be happy with the Bamboo Slider, but socially conscious users will be particularly happy.

iPhone 4 Cases provides phone covers nationwide and you can get it on apple’s official website. This website is updated with the intention of helping iPhone users find the right iPhone 4 Case for them.

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