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Law Work Experience Is Vital To Future Solicitors

For any law student wanting to go on a secure a training contract, getting some legal work experience is absolutely crucial. The main reason for this is that practising an area of law can be very different to studying an area of law so the more practical work experience a student can get the better.

Newly Qualified Solicitor Jobs – 3 Tips For Succeeding In The Search

The recession has caused many law firms to reduce the amount of newly qualified solicitor jobs they have on offer so the market for this type of employment is particularly tough at the moment.

Law Training Contract – Choosing Where To Do Yours

The key to choosing the right place for you to do your law training contract is to fully research the firms and areas of law so you know the options and you have considered which are the best fit for you. You may already think you know a lot about the legal profession and the firms within it because you have read a few firms‘ websites and brochures and may have even spoken to a few at law fairs and open days.