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American Idol Step 2 of 10 That Will Improve Your Odds Of Getting On The Show

Step 2 in increasing your chances of getting on any vocal reality show should be to consider your wardrobe options that best suit your character.

Image is just about everything in entertainment. Like many struggling artists, you may be low on cash, then at minimum, get a unique haircut and get your hair styled. If you have a low budget, then purchase clothes that match your vibe that will make you stand out a little bit; stylish and current if that is your thing, or stylish and a throw back if you are a retro artist.

You may be unsure how to dress, then go to Barnes and Noble and look at some music and entertainment magazines and see what your favorite music icons are wearing. Now, I understand you may not have the coin to buy clothes similar to what your favorite artist is wearing but, with some effort, you can emulate them fairly inexpensively. Don’t copy smack-dab what they are wearing, but at least you’ll be able to get some ideas as to what is current. Oftentimes, Marshalls or Target will have enough choices to get you started.

And, accessorize your outfit, if that is your style. Just a little accessorizing can make a big difference. Heck, you may even be able to pull your entire performance outfit together by mixing and matching from your friends‘ and families‘ closets. Don’t over do it and to dress in a fashion that best reflects your personality and style of music.

I’ll tell you a quick story about wardrobe. When I was playing on the Sunset Strip, a producer came to see us at a sound check at the Troubador in Hollywood. After the sound check he pulled us aside and said, „I really like your music. I really think I can help you guys. But, did you guys just get back from the beach?“ We said, „Uhhhhhh, no.“ He said, „If you want to be a rock star, then you need to look like a rock star when you are in public and that goes for sound checks too. If you want me to work with you, then you need to look like rock stars ALL the time. Otherwise, I’m not going to bother wasting my time with you guys. Next time I see you guys you better be wearing your „get up.“ So, get in character and look the part. Otherwise, no one will ever take you as serious artists.“ Basically, he was saying, “ „Get in character and live that character 24/7. The only way to become a rock star is to first and foremost believe that you can become one. Then you have to start to look like one and live it and own it.“

In step 3 we’ll talk about getting in to shape and ways to improve your vocal stamina that will improve your chances of getting on your favorite vocal reality show.

Learn more about how to audition for American Idol . Stop by Dennis Duncan’s site where you can find his book My Idol Time on how to audition for American Idol and all the nitty gritty behind the scenes info on the contestants.

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