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A Thank You Gift For Your Agent?

Some real estate agents exceed the expectations of their clients and for which, they deserve an appreciation for doing a great job. Selling properties is stressful and time consuming, but before you call it a day, think of giving your agent a gift and buy one that’s perfect for your top-notch agent who deserves more than just a commission. However, the biggest snag is you don’t have any idea what s/he wants. Here are some really great gift ideas.

1. Gift baskets – Thank your agent with a themed gift basket. You can have a spa gift basket, sports or recreation gift basket, or a gourmet basket full of goodies like cookies, fruit, chocolates, nuts, and other sweet gourmet treats are just some of the gift basket that you can give to your always-on-the-go agent.

2. Gift Certificates – Talking about having a hard time finding a ’safe‘ gift, you should go for gift certificates then. It’s not just about having a safe gift, but it’s practical. With supermarket, department store, music store, bookstore, gas station, or restaurant gift certificate, you can be sure that it’s useful.

3. Custom engraved gifts – These kinds of gifts are not just beautiful, but they are sophisticated. A mug, pen, or a candle set with the agent’s name is something that is not always for display, but it’s a remembrance that will make him always remember you.

4. Collectibles – Find out what your agent is into and you’ll surely know what to give. If he is into collecting something, then you might as well give him some related items as collectibles. 5. Digital picture frames – Try what’s new. Picture frames can only show a single photograph, but with a digital picture frame it would be a myriad of photos on a slide show.

5. Referrals – If you’re not really into buying gifts especially material ones, how about giving your agent referrals? Surely, he would love to hear a new client that s/he was recommended by you. It’s good to hear positive comments from others because it costs more than the commissions they got.

Having a top-notch agent is a gem worth thanking for. Gifts or cash may not be enough to compensate the hard work they’ve done for your Chula Vista CA Homes. However, it’s just one of the ways you’d like to show them how you really appreciate their job in selling your Santa Barbara California Homes.

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