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A History of Flashgames

Today, Flash is actually the system that a lot of free games online run on. But how came this to be? Why is Flash the software of choice for innumerable developers of free games online?

The historical past of Flash games is tightly connected to the history of the Flash application itself.

Flash, which is among the most widespread browser plugins these days, was initially introduced in 1996 by the corporation Macromedia. It had been based on a computer software called „FutureSplash“, which in turn was in fact aquired by Macromedia just before.

The first version of Flash was however restricted to animations – there was no way to interact with users over the run of the animation. That’s the reason why the application area of the Flash program was limited to items like internet site intros or animated commercials. Things such as free games online seemed to be literally impossible.

Within the following years, The Flash Software saw new releases promising new capabilities. In 1999, version 4 of the Flash application was released. It was the first release that incorporated the programming language ActionScript, which offered things such as conditions and loops, that are vital to any programmer aiming to create a somewhat sophisticated program, such as a Flash video game for example. At this point such things as computer based training and online game projects were feasible. ActionScript has been a very important aspect of Flash since that time, and it’s been constantly improved.

2003 saw the making of Flash MX 2004, including ActionScript 2.0, which allowed to build sophisticated applications including forms, desktop applications and RIAs were now finally attainable.

In 2005, Macromedia was aquired by Adobe for 3.4 billion US Dollars, and Macromedia Flash turned Adobe Flash. In the next year, Adobe published the Flash Player 9, which supplied support for the new ActionScript Version 3.0. This new version of ActionScript became a major step in terms of application speed and programming capabilities, allowing far more efficient programming. Flash Player 9 was also the earliest Flash version that included a full screen mode.

In 2009 the very first Flash Player software was available on smart phones, allowing flash games to be played on the run.

However the initial question remains: Why do designers of free games online pick Flash to develop games, whilethere are actually countless other programming languages to choose from? The answer lies in the tremendous presence of the Flash web browser plugin, that in turn permits Flash applications to be run inside a web browser, devoid of needing to down load, unpack and manually run a program. The simpleness of that practice allows free games online written in Flash to be enjoyed with no work, and gives game developers a way to deliver their creations that could not be more simple.

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