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Survive The Horror Sci-Fi Movie Alien

If you are looking into an article such as this one, than I can venture a guess that you are wanting to learn a little more about one of the most horrifying science fiction pieces of cinema in the world today, „Alien“. Through the upcoming paragraphs, you will get a detailed plot synopsis as well as some interesting things that you might care to know about the film in general.

The first thing that you should likely understand is that this film was by no means the first or even close to the first movie to feature extraterrestrial beings. The idea of humans interacting with these beings and creatures was not something out of the realm of possibility for movie goers. However, you might care to know that there were very distinct differences between the beings of the preceding films and the beings created by the minds behind this franchise.

The first thing that you would likely notice as a considerable difference between these creatures and those that you might have seen before would be the fact that they aren’t just „stand around and look eerie“ beings. These are very aggressive and very deadly creatures, that have absolutely no interest in making patterns in corn fields or beaming you up into their spaceship.

They were creatures that fed on fear as much as they fed on the lives of humans. They walked on all fours and they stalked and hunted their prey, which in this case was a group of unknowing space miners. They had several sets of teeth, and they salivated a substance that could eat through metal floors with ease. While you don’t learn it in the original release, but in the sequels, most of them report to a much larger and much more terrifying queen.

The film centers on a crew that is sent off to collect mineral and tow it back to Earth. They receive a distress signal that brings them out of hypersleep and encourages them to check out a nearby planet. While they are on the planet, they soon learn that they are not alone when Dallas and Kane encounter a large supply of feathery eggs. One breaks open and attaches to Kane’s face, which is impossible to get off.

Through the course of the plot the creatures that the little one will grow to become begin to surface and wreak havoc. The crew also learns that they were meant to land on the planet and the ship would house aliens being sent back to Earth, and they would likely be the in flight meal for this excursion. The crew is all but demolished, except for Ripley who escapes on a shuttle after setting the self destruct functions. She is not alone, and the alien is outside the shuttle attempting to find a way inside. When she tries to come in through the thrusters, Ripley fires them which incinerates the creature and Ripley returns safely to Earth.

This film would likely not have been as good without the performances that brought the film to life. The most noteworthy of these being from Sigourney Weaver (Ripley) and the supporting roles of Tom Skerritt (Dallas) and John Hurt (Kane).

So if you cared to learn a little more about the „Alien“ franchise, this should have been a help to that end. There is a lot to know, but if you haven’t seen the film you should start there, and then you might consider renting the sequels just so that you are completely up to speed.

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