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A Bit Of Background On The History Of Comedy

Taking a look back in time at the movies of old we come to notice that a large bulk of them were silent movies. These were mostly in the genre of making people laugh while at the same time letting them know that good always reigns over evil in the end.

These comedies were furnished with a respectable positive ending and illustrated the domination of protagonist over antagonist.

Despite being created in a way that points fingers at the good and the bad issues in the society, these films were still hinged on the fact that humor and wit still had the best response from the audiences. A perfect example would be the hit comedy of manners, which despite being a clear indication of how we should be well brought up in our mannerisms, there were those who were not and they could be the laughing stock of the community.

There then came the era of spoofs in which people developed a liking at seeing older classics being made fun of and being brought out to the audiences in new light. Most of these spoofs would rely on mocking the earlier classic so as to work on an already set loved foundation.

Another typical characteristic of those films was to make fun lightly of something which also strongly deals with the theme of the film. Humor was involved very strongly in those films that it became a classic. Characters used to treat each other using dialogue full of satire and sarcasm and thereby brought the sense of mockery.

Even it is observed that these parodies were so liked by the general audience that it crossed the limit likening in comparison to the original films. ‚Blazing saddles‘, ‚Airplane‘, were such movies where the original version of these movies could not even stand beside.

The audience was able to laugh through a major part of the film but when it came to the punch line they would have the fear of committing taboos instilled in them.

In spite of the fact that black comedies were full of polished dialogues, humor and laughter, its audience at least begun to realize that their path of living is full of nonsense in dealing with some super sensitive matters. The black comedies that were of the highest liking are ‚War of the Roses‘, ‚Keeping Mum‘ and so on.

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