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8 Tips to Help You Save Birthday Party Budget

Waiting to celebrate birthday party is absolutely one of an exciting event in life. Many will start working on the list of people and friends whom they will invite to enjoy the party, looking for beautiful birthday favors, as well as thinking of foods, drinks entertainment methods.

It is undeniable that people’s budget play important role on planning their birthday party. Many of them will try their best to save the budget while throwing the most unforgettable birthday party experience. How can they do that? Below are some tips for you to consider before you will jumping in spending big money for your next birthday party.

1. Before you will look around to buy any stuff for your party, it’s advisable to work on your budget first. Plan on what you need, what you are going to pay for and how much you are going to spend on it. And then stick to the plan and your budget. Control yourself to not spend over your budget otherwise it will cause you to not have enough money for other daily life expenses.

2. Make a list of friend whom you are going to invite to your birthday party. Make sure that your budget is enough to take care of all inviting friends.

3. Invitation card. You don’t really need to spend on any invitation card, just simply create it on your own computer, adding some nice and fun photos, and send it via email to your friends.

4. Party venue and decoration. Know that sometimes you don’t need to spend big money on decorating venue, simply using any decoration tools you already have in your house. You can even use your own computer and printer to print out your own photos with some friends from your last birthday party, putting it on your wall with some fun writing under it.

5. Party theme. Think of the way to create the nice birthday theme without spending extra money. For example, you may call your birthday theme „A White Birthday Party“, and ask all friends to dress only white clothes to the party.

6. Drinks and Foods. This point that you cannot avoid to not pay for it but you can surely save money on foods and drink by cooking or making the drink yourself. Note that most people will find themselves more enjoyable when cooking and eating together.

7. Look for buying birthday favors from online wholesale party stores you’ll definitely discover several of them offering less expensive prices than your local party supplies. It’ll also provide you with the more convenience to compare birthday favors piece by piece and just select the one that you like most.

8. Entertainment. This is little hard decision as it will surely affect the overall look and impression to your birthday guests. I know that all of you would like to have Lady Gaga on your birthday party but since it’s impossible because we don’t have a million dollars to pay her so our best choice would be Digital Jukeboxes or Karaoke Jukeboxes. You can also use your personal home Karaoke but you surely don’t want your own home entertainment to be broken by unexpected events, right?

Simply searching for online Digital Jukeboxes or Karaoke Jukeboxes sites, you will surely find many of them do offer interesting services at unbelievable prices. Do not hesitate to ask any question you may have before booking online and pay for their services.

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