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7 Ways To Speed Up Your Job Searching

Recently I wrote a series of articles, breaking down the job hunting process and looking in detail, at the specific elements of it. Here I build on those articles and offer 7 quick fire tips which should dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes you to land your next job.

1. Keep Up To Date With Your Industry – Always

Be up to date with your industry and the conditions of your employment environment all the time. Make this part of your job description in every job you hold. It could save you weeks when it comes time to find a job.

3. Ensure Your CV Is Up To Date – Always

Find a template or layout that you are comfortable with and maintain it. Update it twice a year at least. It will save you the mad scramble to put it together and possibly a lost opportunity because you were unprepared.

3. Network Network Network.

Your network is your key to the inner workings of your industry. Try to remember everyone you meet professionally. Try to remember what they do and who they work for. When you catch up with them, get them talking about their jobs and businesses. This is a great way to maintain intimacy with your industry and goes a long way to helping with point 1 above.

4. No Matter What It Is For, Go To Every Interview Offered

Interviewing is a very specific skill. Keep that skill honed. Keep practising the skill. You don’t want to lose „perfect“ opportunities because it is your first interview in 5 years and you need to get your answers back up to scratch. Remember you do not have to accept the job.

5. Keep a diary of your experiences.

After each job opportunity presents itself and runs its course, note down your reflections of the process. Note what you did well and what you could have improved on. Learn from your reflections. Keep the diary and review it every time you go for a new job. This will help you evolve as a professional and avoid learning the same lesson more than once.

6. If You Are Out Of Work, You Still Have A Full Time Job

Your Job Hunt is your full time job now. Get out of bed at the same time you would if you were working in your given field. This will put your time clock in sync with your interviewers. Spend the same hours working on your job hunt as you would in the job. Be disciplined.

7. Maintain Your Focus

Know what you are looking for and have a clear plan for achieving your goal. Do not accept roles that are different to your goals at the start of your job hunt. This could cost you years in your career.

Finding a new job is never fun. Keep the faith though and good luck with your hunt

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